Services and Materials


PPL serves the commercial and residential contruction buildings providing low relaxation bonded and unbonded post-tensioning materials and high quality of services.

Engineering Services

PPL-America Post Tensioning is very well staffed with high skilled engineers who can solve wide range of technical problems that are related to Post Tensioning works and PT slab works.Our team will provide you with

  • Post -Tensioning design using advanced computer programmes                                                          
  • A whole set of drawings and calculations for post tensioning works
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimating

Field Services

  • Deliver the Post-Tensioning materials to the site
  • Installation
  • Stressing
  • Tendon finishing ( cutting tendons tails,patching stress pockets)
  • Quality control

Materials Supply

  • Calibrated stressing hydraulic jacks
  • 0.5" Low relaxation strands 
  • Ordinary and Encapsulated live and dead ends
  • Intermediate Encapsulated live ends
  • Chairs

Strands and Tendons (Bonded and Unbonded), fittings and accessories are all tested at the most reliable labrotaries in order to make sure that it will function without any problems and at its best efficiency.


Philadelphia Post-tensioning deals with many local and qualified contractors who are experienced in the installation of bonded and unbonded strands and tendons to perform the field installation.

 Our staff of professionals stands ready to provide any and all technical support and troubleshooting as needed. 

PPL  always rely on the best sources of materials and as per the highest international standards.