Why use Post-Tensioning cables?

  • Fewer columns
  • More open spaces
  • Thinner floors
  • Shallower beams
  • Lower cost


Post-Tensioning uses

  • Slab on ground 
  • Bridges
  • High rise buildings (residential and commercial)
  • Silos
  • Parking structure


Philadelphia Post Tensioning company provides solutions in the construction field by increasing the loading capacity of concrete elements like beams, slabs, bridges, silos  and  pt slabs on ground etc. This is done by exploiting the force of high strength steel (bonded and unbonded seven wire strands and tendons) to make concrete in continuous compression. This will help avoid any cracks to appear in the concrete. The flexibility of the bonded and unbonded strands (tendons) allows the duct to be profiled through theoretically cracked area of the structural element and the tension in the concrete will be reverted into compression. This technology will help us produce our projects with economical long, shallow and deflection controlled structures. Buildings will be more earthquake resistant due to the concrete savings and the reduction of dead loads.